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Modern online casinos long ago learned to replace physical clubs and even surpass them in some respects. That is why many users have switched to the virtual format and do not regret their choice. One casino that deserves attention and is a very successful project is the Thunderbolt Casino. He withstands competition from hundreds of other institutions and successfully defends his own place under the sun.

First Look

The first look at the casino immediately tells you that you are looking at a modern and advanced gaming resource. This, first of all, is evidenced by a stylish and concise design. Such a graphical presentation is a characteristic feature of modern clubs, aimed at the same modern audience of customers. In the visual design of the site did not do without the characteristic shade of blue, which is the hallmark of the brand. But this blue color is organically intertwined with a neutral white, and the result is a picture is not too bright and does not distract from the main points of the interface. \

Thunderbolt Casino Appearance

The interface of the casino itself is made so that visitors of Thunderbolt Casino could find the game or information at a glance. On the start page in this case there are already placed the most popular games, which hint at the richness of the assortment. Banners at the top of the page will from time to time alert players to the availability of lucrative bonus offers or current draws. Next to the banners, information about the winners will be updated in real time. The names of the lucky ones along with the amounts won by them are broadcast to all visitors of the site. It should be noted that the winners in Thunderbolt Casino regularly.


To get full access to game content, as well as make your leisure time as rich as possible, visitors to the Thunderbolt Casino should register. You can do this in just a minute, because the registration procedure is just elementary. By clicking on the appropriate button on the main screen, the player only has to fill out a questionnaire. Here it is necessary to enter the username, email address for communication and password to enter. It is also at this stage will be selected currency for further remittances. In conclusion, all that remains is to accept the terms and conditions of the casino and activate your personal account via email. With such simple manipulations registration at Thunderbolt Casino club is complete.

Assortment of casino games

Game content casino site Thunderbolt Casino really pleases. The fact that the content in the club is of the highest quality and variety. If we talk about slot machines among them, users will find a hit old games and more progressive new items that will interest them with their interesting features and great visual presentation. But on slot machines selection of games from the Thunderbolt Casino does not end. In the gaming section you can find a few varieties of roulette and poker. These games are sure to bring variety to any user’s life. Moreover, the development of the machines worked the well-known companies that know a lot about the production of excellent gambling entertainment.

Bonuses and gifts

The bonus system at Thunderbolt Casino is made in such a way as to encourage each player. There is an interesting deposit bonus, accruing to those customers who use a dollar to conduct gambling activities. Depending on how much of a deposit was made, the amount of the bonus incentive will also vary. There is also an interesting no deposit bonus for likes at Thunderbolt Casino. If a player gives a tick I like the casino group in one of the proposed social networks, he will get extra money in his bonus account. Players celebrating their birthday will be congratulated by the club and will receive an additional gift from the casino. For all bonus offers, which are active on the site of the club Thunderbolt Casino, there are detailed descriptions in the relevant section of the site. Therefore, before you start using the bonuses, it is advisable to read all the data in detail. Behind the bonuses there are always waggers, displaying the amount of wagering. They should also be paid attention to.

Convenience and game features

All entertainment from Thunderbolt Casino is available at once both in the money format and in the demo version. For the money format users can use the currency of their choice. This can be ruble, dollar or hryvnia. The choice of currency is made at the stage of registration. In order to further carry out all transactions with peace of mind, players may choose a payment system from the list provided. This list includes Visa, Master Card, WebMoney, Qiwi, Yandex Money and others. The Cashier section indicates the terms of deposit and withdrawal of funds using each of the payment systems.

Useful information

As for the reliability of the casino, there is absolutely no reason for doubt. The institution has a special protection system, which by encrypting the information provides complete confidentiality. In the case where the player needs support or help, he can turn to a special chat room, where qualified specialists will immediately help solve difficulties or give sensible advice. Also, the Thunderbolt casino is monitored by auditing companies, so the level of service only grows.

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